Background:  By profession, Désirée Azzopardi is a fully qualified interior designer. Having studied in Spain, the UK and Malta, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 3D Design & Interiors, and ran her own interior design practice from 2010 to 2019. Alongside this, she took on artisitc comissions for painting artworks onto shoes and bags for women, making each item into a wearable, one-off, statement piece. This was a form of artistic expression by painting on these 3D objects as opposed to painting on a flat canvas. She furthered this successful venture by creating a series of collections from scratch presented at the  Malta Fashion Week 2016, Serbia Fashion Week 2016 and Malta Fashion Week 2017.

Present: Désirée now works in the Art Department of the Film & TV Industry by combining both her knowledge in interiors, mixed with her passion for painting into the film sets she works on.



''I needed to give a fresh look to our new outlet in Tigne, Desiree did a fantastic job, very professional in her work. Highly recommended and looking forward to working with her again in the near future.''- Ian Portughes, Portughes Dry Cleaning.

'Can't praise Désirée enough! She has an amazing talent of transforming a simple pair of shoes into a unique work-of-art! I'll be wearing my 'oomph-ed pair of shoes proudly!''  - Ruth Sant, private commission.

''Désirée has worked on a couple of offices for us. She always delivers a fresh design and her meticulous approach ensures that no detail is forgotten.'' - Keith Laferla, Laferla Insurance.

''If you are after uniqueness, and being in fashion, Desiree is your lucky star!'' - Pavli Medvedova, Stylist.

''Desiree managed to take my love for shoes to another level! Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to have special pairs of original shoes which will make heads turn'' -Pauline Agius, TV Presenter.

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