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Scroll through the 6 tattoos available and pick your favourite design for your next order

The images give you an example of how the tattoos can be applied to different shoes. (front/mid/back)

All tattoos are done in an asymmetrical manner, and will never be identical to the image you are seeing, this is because it is a hand-painted work-of-art created for you and not a mass-produced print.


Tattoos are numbered, click on the image to view it better. All tattoos are applied using one colour (any colour of your choice) Specify the number of the tattoo you choose when filling in your order form, and the colour you would like it in.

Tattoos to choose from...

''It-talent ta’ Désirée huwa ċertament wieħed rarissimu u li jolqot l-għajn permezz tad-dedikazzjoni tagħha li tispikka mid-dettall u l-preċiżjoni ta’ kull żarbuna.''

- Nadia Grixti, Fashion Blogger.


Tattoo Order Form

Opt 1: €39.95 - small design on bag / shoes
Opt 2: €49.95 - medium design on bag / shoes
Opt 3: €59.95 - large design on bag / shoes
Opt 4: €99.95 - full design on bag / shoes

On collection of shoes/bags you will be asked to confirm the following:

1) The areas where the tattoo will be applied onto the shoes / bag (unless you would like to leave it in the designers' hands to surprise you).

2) Sign the order form.

3) Payment by cash / cheque / bank transfer / paypal.


Clients can choose to benefit from a free collection of their shoes/bags from any address in Malta. When delivery is also required, a nominal fee of €4 is added to the order. This applies only to locations in Malta. All other locations require the corresponding postage fees.


All orders are carried out with tender loving care, so sit back, send us your shoes or bags, and watch your closet transform into an art gallery!


- We promise to make you smile. -