''The shoes are a work of art and when I'm not wearing them, I'm proud to have them on display in my room!'' - Monica Camilleri



Are you looking for an original gift for your partner, loved one or relative? Does she/he have everything already? Well you came to the right spot! Order a personalised VOUCHER which entitles the receiver to have anything of his/her choice transformed specifically for his/her very own tastes with an exclusive designer touch. (shoes/bag/wallet/scarf/coat/jeans/fashion accessory/anything of the person's choice)

All designs will be tailor-made to reflect and express their style and their personality through the designer's touch.


Alternatively you may simply treat yourself to a customised order of personalised pair of shoes/bag to match an outfit/dress for an event you have. DESIREE bags and shoes ensure you that you look top knotch at every occasion. Each item is a one-off quality design and is signed by the designer herself, ensuring full exclusivity. After all it is a stylish work-of-art made exclusively for you.



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Tailor-made VOUCHER (recommended for gifts)
Personalised ORDER (when you have the shoes/bag available for transformation)

All personalised shoes/bags are delivered in a beautiful package together with its care label. Ideal when giving gifts.


Clients can choose to benefit from a free collection of their shoes/bags from any address in Malta. When delivery is also required, a nominal fee of €4 is added to the order. This applies only to locations in Malta. All other locations require the corresponding postage fees.


On filling in the above form you will be contacted via email to begin the order.


All orders are carried out with tender loving care, so sit back, enjoy the process, and most especially the result!


- We promise to make him/her smile. -




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