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''I would highly recommend her -

her experienced advice comes at a very affordable price and the consultation is so hassle free!''


- Maria Spiteri.




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Book a 1 hour slot at the convenience of your home/ property site to ensure you get the most out of your space. Whether it is to discuss an issue you are having on site, the tiles, orientation or colour scheme, a consultation is great value for money for those looking to get started on their space without incurring large designer fees. A consultation is not limited to any particular subject but is there to simply solve your problems and get expert advice on the matter before it is too late. As the saying goes a stitch in time saves nine, and especially when you can save thousands by simply getting professional prior to choosing the tiles, layout, colour scheme, lighting, ceiling or anything pertaining to your space.

An interior design consultation is a great way to get started on your space. Here, the designer meets you on site at your location to discuss the issues you would like to tackle. Ranging from colour schemes, to deciding on wall paint, choosing tile samples, deciding on the ideal layout, to discussing how to best separate an open plan area or utilise an empty corner, a consultation can be a great way to solving your problems in an efficient, and cost-effective manner.


One of the biggest benefits of engaging in a consultation is that it can save you on costly mistakes. Keep in mind this is probably the first or second time you are encountering this type of problem but the same can't be said for your designer who is exposed to similar situations repeatedly on a weekly basis.


It is done in the comfort of your property, and if your place is still on plan,, it can be discussed at our office. Consultations are entirely catered to your needs to solve the problems you are currently encountering in your space.

Be it on plan, in shell form, or finished, interior or exterior, to rent or to live in, all spaces can be heavily improved when getting professional advice.


Pricing: Up to 1 Hour / €45 (vat incl.)

Hours: 9am onwards - flexible hours offered

Location: At the property you wish to discuss.


If your property is still on plan, consultations are held at our office.

Get a Quote


Whether it's an entire home / office /outdoor space or simply a room, send an email to and send your floor plan in pdf format. Our quotes are tailor-made to your needs. Tell us what you need and we will prepare a quote based on your area and requirements.


We can provide you with any or all of the following:

Style/Mood Boards

Furniture Layout Proposals

Ceiling Sofffit Plans

Lighting Plans

Electrical Layouts

Custom-designed Furniture

Wall Feature Designs

3D Visuals

Hourly Shopping Assistance

Order a Voucher


If you're up for an original gift, a home interiors voucher is perfect for someone to get started on their home or to add that touch of personalisation to his/her space. The voucher allows you to choose from anything such as personalised cushions starting at €25, consultation vouchers starting at €45 each, right up to any amount of interior and exterior design services, guided shopping, furniture design or home refurbishment. It is a flexible tool to suit any budget and need.


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