''She can transform any pair of shoes (old or new) into a unique masterpiece'' - Dorianne Mamo, Fashion Blogger.


By profession, Désirée Azzopardi is a fully qualified interior designer. Having studied in Spain, the UK and Malta, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 3D Design & Interiors, and has been running her own practice since 2010.

Developing from an ongoing passion for the arts, fashion, and all things beautiful, Désirée designer shoes and bags are nothing like anything mass-produced, but rather, like what you would expect to see at an art gallery. Désirée treats each product as she does her interiors, with a new concept each time, taking into consideration the shape of the shoe, style, and most importantly the personality of the woman or man they are being designed for. Each pair becomes a new art canvas to her, where she painstakingly hand-paints each one to completion. When the design is complete she signs them off as she would any other artwork of hers. Each product of hers is uniquely asymmetrical including the shoes, and is designed to make you fall in love with it.


After all, why wear common shoes made for the masses?


All designs are made using high quality paints and techniques, and are packaged in a special satin lining, making it ideal to give as a gift. However just like every piece of art, it is intended to be looked after with tender loving care, and worn with pride.

By profession, Désirée is originally an interior designer. Check out her portfolio of interiors below showing her works in residential and commercial interiors.

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